Which celebrities have the most tattoos?

Which celebrities have the most tattoos?

Justin Bieber
The once young and innocent pop star has no less than 60 tattoos. Many of them have religious references – he makes no bones about the fact that his faith is super important to him. His latest appears to be a bear on his chest – symbolising rest, and “SON OF GOD” on his belly.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has more than 20 tattoos, and is known for having her ink covered when she enters a new phase in her life. For instance, she has a large cross tattoo near her hip to cover her previous ‘dragon with blue tongue’ tattoo which she got while on a trip to Amsterdam. Another cover-up is the word ‘determination’ in Arabic script on her right forearm, which covers a matching ‘abstract’ tattoo which Angelina got when she was with her ex-husband Billy Bob. 

Miley Cyrus

Miley got her first tattoo when she was just 17 years old – the words “just breathe” on her left ribcage. It was in memory of a friend and relative who both died of lung disease: “It reminds me not to take things for granted. I mean breathing – that was something none of them could do, the most basic thing. And I put it near my heart because that is where they will always be.”

LeBron James

LeBron has a lot of ink on his body. Many of his tats pay tribute to his hometown of Akron, Ohio and his family. He also tattoos himself with inspirational messages – for instance he has a lion with the words “King James”, a massive “CHOSEN 1” across his back and “beast” on his bicep. James’ most recent tattoo is black mamba snake coiled around numbers 24 and 8.  He has it inked as a tribute to his friend Kobe Bryant.

Adam Levine

Adam Levine has an estimated 31 tattoos, including a big “California” across his abdomen, an eagle, tiger and shark, as well as a mermaid holding a skull inked on his back.

Post Malone

It’s hard to believe that in 2015, when Post Malone entered the music scene, he was tattoo-free. 6 years and three albums later, he has at least 65 tattoos, including “Always tired” under his eyes and “rest easy” on his fingers. He has several portraits, including of JFK, Kurt Cobain and Johnny Cash, as well as smaller portrait on his fingers of artists that have passed - Bankroll Fresh, Dimebag Darrell, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, George Harrison, and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Other heavily tattooed celebrities include Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles and Ruby Rose. No surprise that Kat Von D is on the list. She has had more than 100 tattoos, most recently a “black out” tattoo on her arm that covers a few previous arm tattoos.



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