Ancient Mayan Wisdom in Modern Skincare

Ancient Mayan Wisdom in Modern Skincare

The ancient South American rainforests, known as the lungs of our planet, is home to thousands of amazing plant and animal species – it was also once home to the Mayan people who built cities that still amazes us as to how they were able to achieve these architectural marvels without the technology we have today. There is still much to learn from these ancient warriors, but one thing we know, is that they used our two main ingredients as a source of healing and strength. You can read all about these two ingredients here and here

A couple of years ago we noticed that there was a shortage of high quality skincare products developed specifically for tattooed people in our country. Most of the products were imported, and thus very expensive and not always available. We witnessed the sudden emergence of skincare ranges designed specifically for tattooed skin, becoming more and more popular in the USA, UK and European countries to such an extent that today there are some top quality brands to choose from in these countries.

One day our founder, Aardt, stumbled across an article outlining the massive benefits of Dragons Blood and ChiaProtect specifically for the tattooed skin, and was immediately piqued. I mean come on, how cool is it to think that our products contain real Dragons Blood? If you haven’t read the article yet, the link is here.

From his office in Noorhoek, Cape Town, Aardt set out and started developing the world’s first Organic Tattoo Aftercare range that contains both Dragons Blood and ChiaProtect, with every single ingredient being 100% natural. This entire range has been meticulously designed to cater for the Tattooed skin in every possible way – whether you want to preserve your colours, protect your ink, or simply heal faster and better than before they have you covered.

Our mission is to help, educate and support people all over the world to care for their tattoos, their skin and their bodies.

Our Values

Our Values

Innovative - We are the first to market Organic Tattoo Skincare Range that contains Dragons Blood and ChiaProtect and are constantly busy with new product development.

Sustainable - Our products are made using sustainably sourced raw materials that are environmentally friendly and 100% natural. We are a proud member of 1% for the Planet, giving 1% of our gross revenue to environmental non-profits.

Transparent - All our products are made under the strict guidelines of The Soil Association. We openly publish all our ingredients and welcome any queries regarding our business and products.

Nurturing - Our products are nurturing by nature as they are developed to heal, protect, and care. It's not only relevant to our products but also in our thinking and actions, how we treat each other as well as all our stakeholders.

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